Ode to Eros



A major new recording of 20th century French music, avoiding the oft-recorded suspects.








Francaix – Ode à la gastronomie (12 voices)

Daniel-Lesur – Le cantique des cantiques (12 voices)

Milhaud – Deux poèmes

Poulenc – Un soir de neige / Sept chansons

Ravel Adagio from piano concerto in G major  (new arrangement for voices & piano)



Robert Hollingworth writes about the music:

Daniel-Lesur – Le cantique des cantiques (The song of songs)

This rarely-heard 12-voice masterpiece is a beautifully-crafted and tactile account of erotic Hebrew verse. We have already used one movt in our collaboration with Australian circus company Circa, How Like An Angel.


Poulenc – Sept chansons

Paul Éluard’s erotic poetry held a fascination for Poulenc who poured passion into this most intense of his choral music.  We love performing this piece more than any other.


Jean Francaix – Ode à la gastronomie
here performed by The 24 (University of York)

An outlandish look at the French obsession with food: ‘9½ weeks’ meets Jacques Brel meets Raymond Blanc’. Written in 1953 but unperformed/recorded in any country since.

“Examine the erotic properties of the black truffle, said the priest…”   The music’s rich 12-voice palette owes something to Poulenc but as much to a Parsisian café.
” Robert Hollingworth’s ensemble, I Fagiolini, carries a name which destines him to be the interpreter of ‘Ode to gastronomy’. My father would have been doubly delighted by this coincidence which would have tickled him enormously. I Fagiolini also has qualities of musicianship, sensitivity and a strong dose of indispensible humour which make me believe that Hollingworth is absolutely predestined to perform this piece.”     Jacques Francaix (the composer’s son)

Ravel – G major piano concerto
(slow movt)

Sensual to the ear, this famous slow movement has been specially arranged by Roderick Williams for voices and piano. Arrangements are ‘in’ at the moment: this one tells a story in that the pianist will be Anna Markland, the second ever Young Musician of the Year (from 1982) who has run a parallel career as a singer with I Fagiolini since its inception.

Other works on the CD:

Milhaud – Deux poèmes (5’)

Poulenc – Un soir de neige (6’)


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£140     3-hr recording fee for one singer
£450     Day cost of a recording venue
£500    Photographer
£500    Scores
£1500   Hire of the piano
£4000    Cost of the promotional film

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Performance credits:

Poulenc – Un soir de neige   I Fagiolini BBC live recording 2000
Poulenc – Sept chansons No.1   I Fagiolini 2002 BBC live recording
Daniel-Lesur – Dialogue from ‘Le cantique des cantiques’   I Fagiolini July 2012 for ‘How Like An Angel’
Francaix – excerpts from ‘Ode à la gastronomie’   The 24 (University of York) for BBC June 2014

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