The Birds Photo – Alistair Muir

Signature Projects

I Fagiolini seems primarily to be known for performances of Monteverdi and its innovative staged productions of Renaissance music theatre pieces. In fact the group’s range is rather wider, ranging from contemporary un-conducted opera to its collaboration with the SDASA Chorale of Soweto.

As well as staging madrigal comedies (three by Banchieri) and classics of Renaissance music theatre by Janequin (La Chasse, Le chant des oyseaulx) and Da Flecha (La Bomba, El Fuego), I Fagiolini has pioneered larger projects in recent years. In different ways, these have all helped to define the group.

How Like An Angel (2012)

Tallis in Wonderland (2009)

The Full Monteverdi (live show 2004-7)

The Full Monteverdi (the film, 2007)

L’Amfiparnaso (live show 2002, DVD 2004)

Simunye (first meeting in South Africa 1995, CD 1997)

Ed Hughes – The Birds (2005)

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