Carnevale Veneziano

A Night on the Piles

I Fagiolini’s sparkling new show set in Renaissance Venice

Robert_wigAn infectious mix of masques, street songs, humour and commedia dell’arte, balanced by erotic duets and music for special occasions.

An evening out with Pantalone, Zanni, the Spanish captain and friends in a perfect mix of comic and serious music.

Grand welcome songs by Giovanni Gabrieli

Giustiniani (old mens’ songs) by uncle Andrea.

Lassus – street songs

Erotic duets by Monteverdi

Croce – party games and mascarati.

With readings from the time

VeniceAlso including scenes from madrigal comedies (L’Amfiparnaso and Boat from Venice to Padua) poking gentle fun at Venice and its inhabitants.

All staged in I Fagiolini’s inimicable style.

‘I Fagiolini while maintaining the highest musical standards, bring to brilliantly characterised life such figures of fun as senile legislators, inebriated and incomprehensible pedlars – and foreigners trying to speak Italian’. Daily Telegraph

‘Un ensemble qui ait en partage avec Croce la rigueur de l’ethnomusicologue et la gourmandise du caricaturiste.’  Diapason

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