I Fagiolini Editions

Over recent years, Robert Hollingworth has made his own editions of works performed by I Fagiolini. Their main features are:

  • clear and readable parts for singers uncluttered with phrasing marks
  • full text and line by line translation
  • original part names, clefs, keys shown (before the modern transcription)
  • musica recta and ficta added
  • clear indications to explain important duple and triple time relationships.


Editions currently available are listed below. If you would like to buy an edition, please use the form to tell us what you would like; if required, we can send you a sample of the first two pages. The part distributions shown are for the key currently printed. For a nominal charge, we can transpose the pieces to a more suitable pitch for your choir.

We send an emailed edition as a pdf (for you to make copies from).  For single copies, the cost is 15p per page.  For multiple copies, just 10p per page.  So a licence for 20 copies of a 4-page Monteverdi madrigal would cost just £8. You can pay by Paypal, bank transfer or cleared cheque.

A sample PDF can be downloaded here.


William Byrd
Deus venerunt gentes (+ 3 other sections) SAATB
This sweet and merry month of May SSATTB


Peter Phillips
Filli, leggiadra e bella SATB / SATB (a large piece in 8 sections)
Hor che dal sonno vinta SATB / SATB

Thomas Ravenscroft
The three ravens SATB

Thomas Tallis
O sacrum convivum SATTB

Thomas Tomkins
It is my well-beloved’s voice SSATTB
Fusca, in thy starry eyes SSATB
Oft did I marle SSATBarB
Was ever wretch tormented SATB
When I observe SSAATB
Woe is me SSATBB

Triumphs of Oriana 1601
George Marson – The nymphs and shepherds SATTB
Michael Cavendish – Come gentle swains SSATB
Michael East – Hence stars too dim of light SSATB
Edward Johnson – Come gentle Byrd SSAATB
John Wilbye – The lady Oriana SSATTB
George Kirbye – With angel’s face SSATTB


Giaches De Wert
Peccavi super numerum SSATTB
Quiescat vox tua SMATTB
Valle che de lamenti miei SATTB

Andrea Gabrieli
Lament on the death of Willaert SATBarB

Jacques Arcadelt
Giovenetta regal SATB
Il bianco e dolce cigno SATB

Sigismondo D’India
Dispietata pietate SSATB

Giovanni Gabrieli
Magnificat à20.à28 con il ‘sicut locutus est’. In eco.
(Reconstructed by Hugh Keyte. Score available as free download here)

Carlo Gesualdo
Resti di darmi noia SAATB (6th book of madrigals)

Tenebrae Responsories for Maundy Thursday: 2

Tristis est anima mea

Tenebrae Responsories for Good Friday 1-5:

Omnes amici mei
Velum templi scissum est
Vinea mea electa
Tamquam ad latronem
Tenebrae factae sunt

Claudio Monteverdi
2nd book of 5-part madrigals, 1590

Cantai un tempo SAATB

3rd book of 5-part madrigals, 1592
Rimanti in pace SSATB
Lumi miei cari SSSTB

4th book of 5-part madrigals, 1603
Ah dolente partita SSATB
Cor mio, mentre vi miro SSATB
Sfogava con le stelle SSATB
Volgea l’anima mia SSATB
Anima mia perdona (+ 2nd part, Che se tu sei il cor mio) SSATB
Voi pur da me partite SSATB
A un giro sol SSATB
Quel augellin che canta SSATB
Non piu guerra pietate SSATB
Si ch’io vorrei morire SATTB
Anima dolorosa SSATB
Longe da te, cor mio SATTB
Piagne e sospira SSATB

5th book of 5-part madrigals, 1605
T’amo mia vita SMATB / bc
Ch’io t’ami (with other parts, Deh bella e cara & Ma tu, piu che mai) SSATB
M’è più dolce il penar SSATB
Questi vaghi concenti SSATB / SATB 5 strings / bc

6th book of 5-part madrigals, 1614
Zefiro torna SMATB
Ohime il bel viso SSATB
Lamento d’Arianna (with other parts, O Teseo, Dov’è la fede, Ahi chi non pur risponde) SMATB
Incenerite spoglie (Lagrime d’Amante al sepolchro dell’amata)

7th book of madrigals, Concerto, 1619
Ohimè dov’è il mio ben SS / bc
Vorrei baciarti AA / bc
A quest’olmo  SSATTB 2 vlns 2 fl / bc

Madrigali Guerrieri, 1638
Altri canti d’amor  SSATTB, 6 strings / bc
Gira il nemico insidioso  TTB / bc

Madrigali Amorosi, 1638
Dolcissimo uscignuolo  SSATB (or SATBarB), bc
Lamento della ninfa  S / TTB  bc

Benedetto Pallavicino
Cruda Amarilli SATTB

Salamone Rossi
Psalm 111 & 112  SATB / SATB

Alessandro Striggio
Fuggi, spene mia   SATTB
O giovenil ardire  AATTTBarBarBBB
Altr’io che queste spighe  SATB / SATB / SATB
D’ogni gratia et d’amor  SATTBarB

Orazio Vecchi


Clement Janequin
Le chant des oyseaulx SATB


Jacob Schein
Christ lag in Todesbanden SST / bc
Singet fröhlich SSATB

Low Countries

Nicolas Gombert
J’ay mis mon coeur SSAATTBB
Media vita SAATBarB

Orlandus Lassus
Fremuit spiritus Iesus SSATTB

Jan Sweelinck
Reveillez vous (ps.33) SSAATTBB

Adrian Willaert
Quasi unus de paradisi SATB
Tota pulchra es SAAT



Jacob Gallus (Handl)
Planxit David SATB / SATB

In preparation

Monteverdi – A quest’olmo (VIII, 1619) SSATTB / 2 vlns / bc

Monteverdi – Partenza amorosa (VIII, 1619) T / bc

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