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Striggio: Ecce Beatam Lucem

Our recording of Striggio’s Mass in 40 parts was released by Decca in 2011. It topped the UK classical charts for weeks, and won awards around the world including the Gramophone Early Music Award and a Diapason d’Or de l’Année in France.

In February 2012 we gave the first public performance of our edition of the Striggio Mass, and of Tallis Spem in Alium at the Perth Festival in Australia, and in the summer of 2012 we gave six performances in venues round the UK. Click here to find out more details about the concerts including a short video from York Minster, and to read a report about the tour.

This site provides information that it was not possible to include in the CD booklet. It is also something of a resource for those who have downloaded tracks from iTunes or elsewhere and have no booklet. (If you’re here after illegally copying the CD, may your hard drive melt and your inward parts become unreliable.)

If you haven’t yet bought a copy, you’ll find music clips dotted about the site to listen to. You can buy a copy using the links in the right-hand column of every page.

Les textes en français (CD notes in French)Deutsche Texte (CD note in German)French and German translations of the main CD booklet note are available by clicking on the relevant flags here.

However, in the exhilarating and fluid world of musicology, nothing stays still for long and the Historical Notes page provides further thoughts on the intriguing relationship between Striggio’s 40-part mass and motet, numerology and instruments in Spem in alium and problems with Tallis’s harmony.

At Follow the score, you can see part of the Credo score and follow the music as it plays. There’s also information on the editions we used and a bit of advice for conductors interested in performing this newly discovered Mass.

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The DVD that comes with the CD includes a 13-minute film about the recording. Here is a preview to whet your appetite.


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