The recording uses editions from a number of sources, including the first commercially available version of the Striggio 40-part Mass.


Striggio – Ecce beatam lucem (40 parts)

Edition by Hugh Keyte, available from Mapa Mundi

Striggio – Missa Ecco sì beato giorno (40 parts)

Edition by Brian Clark and Robert Hollingworth, published by the Early Music Company, and available by emailing

Galilei – Contrapunto Secondo di BM (lute)

Edition by L.Sayce / The Lute Society, available by emailing

Striggio – O de la bella Etruria invitto Duce (SATTB), Caro dolce ben mio (SATTB), Misero ohimè (TTBarBB)

Edition by David S. Butchart, Recent Researches in the music of the Renaissance, Vol.143, A-R Editions, 2006
See the AR Editions site for more details

Striggio – madrigals

O giovenil ardire (AATTBarBarBarBBB, edited by David Butchart), D’ogni gratia et d’amor (SATTBarB, edited by David Butchart), Fuggi spene mia (SATTB, reconstructed Robert Hollingworth), Altr’io che queste spighe (SATB x 3, edited by Iain Fenlon), available as I Fagiolini editions

Tallis – Spem in alium (40 parts)

Edited (with Sarum plainsong) by Hugh Keyte, available by emailing



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