1612 Italian Vespers

Robert Hollingworth (director, I Fagiolini) writes:

As with our Striggio 40-part mass recording in 2011, this has been another mammoth project to prepare. There are too many ‘thanks’…

On this site, as well as thoughts from those who took part and sound samples, there is a much fuller account of Hugh Keyte’s reconstructive work. There are also free downloads of the plainchant hymn, Salve Regina, and also Bassano’s Lepanto motet, ‘Deus noster refugium’ (brass and voices) which we recorded but couldn’t squeeze onto the CD. You can also download (again for free) your own pdf of Hugh Keyte’s Magnificat and ‘In Ecclesiis’ reconstitution!

Les textes en français (CD notes in French)Deutsche Texte (CD note in German)French and German translations of the texts of the pieces are available by clicking on the relevant flags here.

Gabrieli Magnificat

My main perceptions at this end of the project haven’t unduly changed. They are:

  • how good the Viadana psalms are – such vocal invention amidst the massive sonorities. I wonder if choirs will start to perform the piece as an alternative to Monteverdi 1610 Vespers? It’s a much more practical piece to put together. We performed them (and the two Gabrieli reconstructions) at the Proms on Aug 22.
  • Hugh Keyte’s Gabrieli reconstructions: they’re a rare mix of scholarship, cross-artform thinking and imagination – a winning combination.
  • Liturgical reconstructions seem to have gone out of fashion but psalms and magnificats belong in the liturgy and sound well here.

It’s harder than ever to fund recordings like this now. A thousand thanks to everyone who contributed. If you’d like to know more and perhaps contribute another time, get in touch!

Thanks too to Gramophone Magazine who nominated the recording for the 2013 Early Music Award (even if we didn’t win this time…)

In the meantime, here is a quick preview of what you’ll find on the CD:


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