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Gesualdo Betrayal

This is a journal for Betrayal: a polyphonic crime drama, the long-awaited new collaboration between vocal ensemble I Fagiolini and director John La Bouchardière.

Scroll down for updates on the project, with news about performances, interviews and insights into the creative process, and background information on Gesualdo, his life and music. As the premiere approaches, we’ll also provide some clues that can be used during the show itself.


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Further clues to a fragile mind


Thoughts on Gesualdo's psychological nature Dr Ruth McAllister, consultant forensic psychiatrist (see her earlier article, here.)Gesualdo’s history offers food for thought about how much an artis [...]

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Gesualdo does Comic Relief


Gesualdo does Comic Relief If there's one thing Gesualdo didn't do much, it was comedy. He was lampooned as a cuckold, sometimes ridiculed for his music (Dr. Burney accused him of 'perpetual embarr [...]

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The second Mrs Gesualdo


The second Mrs Gesualdo (Princess of Venosa) When it comes to the women in Carlo Gesualdo’s life, the wife that he killed for commiting adultery understandably gets much of the attention. Reporte [...]

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Shameful writing


Gesualdo rarely worked with the lyrics of well known poets. One who wrote a poem set in the Third book of madrigals (1595) was Annibale Pocaterra (1559-1593), a doctor at the University of Ferrara. [...]

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Assassinations in Salisbury

Betrayal: a polyphonic crime drama will be presented by Salisbury International Arts Festival at The Maltings Car Park (next to Salisbury Playhouse). Performances are as follows: Wednesday, 3 June [...]

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Clues to a fragile mind


Comments on Gesualdo’s homicides Dr Ruth McAllister, consultant forensic psychiatrist Gesualdo, surprising his wife and her lover in flagrante, killed them both. It sounds like a crime of pa [...]

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This blog accompanies Betrayal: a polyphonic crime drama, a music and dance-theatre project inspired by the life and works of Carlo Gesualdo with shows in London, Cambridge and Salisbury May/June 2015. More information here and via the links on the left.