Betrayal: a polyphonic crime drama

Betrayal is a daring and innovative collaboration between vocal ensemble I Fagiolini and director John La Bouchardière, as they reunite for the long-awaited follow-up to their highly successful show The Full Monteverdi.


Fusing voices with contemporary dance, Betrayal is an immersive dramatisation of intense and unsettling music by Carlo Gesualdo, the Italian Renaissance composer whose radical harmonic experiments were unsurpassed until hundreds of years later, and whose brutal killing of his unfaithful wife and her lover made him one of the most notorious figures in classical music. Set in hidden corners of real-life urban locations, Betrayal investigates what could drive someone to such extremes.

Conceived and directed by John La Bouchardière
Music Director Robert Hollingworth
Music by Carlo Gesualdo
I Fagiolini
Commissioned by the Barbican
Produced by I Fagiolini and Percius in association with the Barbican

Supported by Arts Council England, I Fagiolini Charitable Trust, Alpha CRC Ltd, Cocheme Trust, Leche Trust, Steve Brosnan, Linda Hill and Nicholas Ward-Jackson
I Fagiolini is managed worldwide by Percius

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