Where to start with anti-racism for white people who are not ‘racists’

  • Mix-up the sources of your news. Read articles written by people who don’t look like you. Get a different side to the story. Explore this media outlet Gal-dem, who are committed to ‘sharing perspectives from women and non-binary people of colour.’ 
  • Recognise your white privilege. This is the notion that whatever hardship you have suffered, it has not been because of the colour of your skin. 
  • Read up about the history and institutionalisation of race. Learn about the issues that were not taught in school.
    • ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race’ – Renni Eddo-Lodge. An essential handbook for those wanting to understand about race relations in the UK today.
    • ‘Superior – The Return of Race Science’ – Angela Saini. A discussion of the myth of ‘race’, Britain’s role in Eugenics (pioneering work by Francis Galton, UCL, London), and a solid debunking of the idea that inequality is due to genetics, rather than political power.
    • ‘Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire’ – Akala
      Drawing on his own experiences, Akala scrutinises the British denial of racism.

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